William M Roth

When it was clear the economy was going sour, I decided to retire. It was about time, my back was having problems and my blood pressure was going way up. Both are now well under control. Over the years I have mostly been a truck owner operator, but I have also been a welder and worked for a few years at Ham Radio Outlet in Portland.

After many years of inactivity, I am back into Ham Radio. I was first licensed in 1991 as N7RYW. A real tongue twister. You should have heard some of the DX trying to come back to that call. Absolutely awful, so I changed it!

Through the 90s I operated mostly on satellites, including AO-10, AO-13 and the Pacsats. Then I moved, and everything was stored while I did a lot of work at the new place.

After six years, I started putting up some antennas and getting back on the air. I have grounded loops that cover 1.8 to 7 MHz, a 1/4 wave 10MHz vertical for WSPR net, a tri-bander on a roof tower, a 6 element 50 MHz beam I designed and built on a 40' tall tower. Satellite antennas are two of the KLM 2m-22cx, a 435-40cx, and a grid dish for 1.2GHz on a 55' crank up tower to get over the trees. The 6 element beam is a prototype. I will be putting up 4 of them.

I've been using the Sat antennas to try out EME, and I want to do quite a bit more of that. I found an 8877 amp and will be building antennas for 144 MHz Moon Bounce when the 50 MHz antennas are done.

Radios are: IC-910 for 144, 430 and 1296 MHz, IC-7800-PW1 for HF and 50 MHz. The computer interface is an Edirol FA-66 that uses Toslink (fiber) into the 7800, an audio interface to the 910, and Firewire to the computer. The sat rotators are run by Orbitron software through a driver written by me into a USB controller I built that runs a G-1000DXA az and G-550 el. That's whats running in the pic.

I'm not a QSL hound or paper chaser, so I use E-QSL only. If you need paper, E-QSL can print you one.

I used to put my email addy here, but the spammers keep mining it and sending me junk, so I took it out. Sorry!

TTYL, 73, Bill